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New Lawyer Essential Series

New Lawyer Essentials Series

As a newly admitted SC Bar member, you must complete an Essentials Series course administered by the South Carolina Bar before the end of your first reporting year. 

The Essentials Series is comprised of 10 full-day courses which cover major practice areas, as well as legal ethics. Each course is designed and taught by experienced practitioners whose goal it is to provide practical advice on how to handle cases in the designated areas. Courses are process oriented and are specifically designed to provide step-by-step guidance and the opportunity to interact with the faculty. 

Requirement to take “Essentials Series”

Pursuant to SCACR Rule 408(a)(3), you are required, unless you fall within one or more of the exemptions outlined in Rule 408 (a)(3)(A)-(D), to complete one of the SC Bar CLE “Essentials Series” courses. 

Attendance at Essentials Courses not only meets the Essentials requirement, but also counts toward your required annual 14 hours of MCLE. No other CLE course, workshop, video series (i.e., the Supreme Court’s Course of Study, Rule 403 videos), or bootcamp will satisfy this requirement. 

How to sign up

You may register online or submit the registration form (once received) along with payment to the SC Bar CLE Division Registrar via email,, or by mailing your form to the address noted on the form.

Your new member packet contains information about the Essentials Series seminars. You also will receive a letter and email reminding you about the requirement and providing a schedule of the programs and registration options.

In-person requirement  

If you live or practice in South Carolina, you must attend an Essentials program at the SC Bar Conference Center in Columbia. 

If you live and practice outside of South Carolina, you may elect to meet the requirement by completing an on-demand Essentials Course prior to March 1. Note: there may be a seminar or two which will not be available on-demand.


If you have any questions about this requirement, the series, or any of the individual courses, contact CLE Director, Terry Burnett at or 803-576-3780.