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Live Seminar FAQs

MCLE Rules

How many hours of mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) am I required to take in order to fulfill my annual requirements?

Per SCACR Rule 408, the Supreme Court requires that all SC Bar members (with noted exceptions) complete at least fourteen (14) hours of approved CLE courses each reporting year. 

How many hours of LEPR (Legal Ethics/Professional Responsibility) am I required to complete each reporting year?

You must complete at least two (2) hours of LEPR each reporting year.

How many hours of Substance Abuse/Mental Health (SA/MH) am I required to complete every year?

At least every two (2) reporting years, members must complete one (1) hour of CLE devoted exclusively to instruction in substance abuse, mental health issues or stress management and the legal profession.

How many hours of live, in-person MCLE am I required to complete each reporting year?

You are required to complete at least six (6) hours of live, in-person MCLE each reporting year.  Live, in-person attendance means that you are physically in a classroom setting with other attorneys rather than present real time in an individual online environment. 

Am I required to complete any live, in-person CLE hours in the 2022-2023 MCLE compliance year?

Yes. Pursuant to SCACR Rule 408, SC Supreme Court Commission on CLE & Specialization Regulations Appendix C V. Accreditation Standards, B. Accredidation of Online and Telephone Courses. 3. "CLE credit earned through online or telephone courses and applied to the annual fourteen (14) hour minimum requirement shall not exceed (8) hours of credit per reporting year". The full text of Appendix C is found here.

What is the MCLE reporting year?

The MCLE reporting year runs from March 1 to March 1 each year. Reports of compliance must be postmarked no later than March 1 to be considered timely filed.

What happens if I fail to complete my MCLE hours or file my Compliance Report by March 1?

If you miss the March 1 deadline, you will be assessed a late filing fee by the South Carolina Supreme Court Commission on CLE and Specialization. In addition, you must file your MCLE Compliance Report no later than April 15. Your report must be received (not postmarked) by April 15. Failure to do so will result in your administrative suspension from the practice of law pursuant to SCACR Rule 419.

Are there special MCLE rules or exemptions for certified specialists, older members, judges, inactive, military, or retired members, or members with limited SC Bar licenses?

Yes. See SCACR Rule 408(A)-(F) for special rules and exemptions that apply to these categories.

Registration and Attendance

How do I register for a live, in-person seminar?

Log in to your account by using your SC Bar username and password. If you cannot remember your password, select the “forgot password” button. To re-set your password, please do not use these unusual characters # * & % = . ' " as our system does not accept these. If you do not get a response via email about your password, please call Robin Genovese at 803-771-0333, or email her at She will send you a new password. If username and passwords are correct, and you are having trouble logging into your account, or you are logged in and cannot complete your purchase, first try a different browser. You may also log out, clear your browser’s cache and log back in. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. 

What choices do I have for in-person attendance at live seminars?

Most SC Bar CLE programs are offered live at the SC Bar Conference Center located at 1501 Park Street, Columbia. Many programs are also offered for in-person attendance at various satellite locations around the state. For a list of locations for each program, refer to the individual program web page entry. You may choose your satellite location when you register for the program.

How do I prove my seminar attendance at any location?

Each seminar location will have a sign-in sheet at the seminar registration table. Make sure that you check-in/sign-in to the program by providing your signature and verifying your Bar number. We will report your attendance to the full program attendance to the Commission on CLE within thirty (30) days of the program date.

What if I fail to attend the entire seminar?

Per Commission regulations, you are obligated to self-report any shortage of in-person hours to the Commission on your MCLE Compliance Report. Failure to do so is an ethical violation and may result in sanctions.

What if I need CLE credit in a jurisdiction outside of South Carolina?

We will provide you with a Uniform Certificate of Attendance. You should submit that form along with any other fees and documentation required by other jurisdictions in order to apply for credit in that jurisdiction for a South Carolina Bar CLE program. 

Are all SC Bar CLE programs and presentations accredited in jurisdictions outside of South Carolina?

The SC Bar CLE Division is an accredited provider in Georgia, North Carolina, New York and Ohio. Most, but not all, of our programs and topics are therefore given full CLE credit in those jurisdictions. However, it is your obligation to determine whether any particular program or topic qualifies for credit in those or any other jurisdiction. For example, some SA/MH, law practice management, technology, or legal marketing topics that are accredited in SC are not likewise accredited in other jurisdictions.

If I attend a South Carolina Bar CLE program by live, individual webcast, does that count as live, in-person attendance?

No. Live or pre-recorded (on-demand) program attendance does not count as live, in-person attendance for the purpose of MCLE credits in South Carolina. MCLE credits must be in a group/classroom environment in order to count as live, in-person credits in SC.

SC Bar CLE Big Ticket

What is the SC Bar CLE Big Ticket?

The SC Bar CLE Big Ticket is a one-year subscription to virtually all live, in-person, live webcast, and on-demand SC Bar CLE programs. The annual subscription fee for the Big Ticket is $495 and may be used to register for any live program that occurs for the one-year period starting on the purchase date. Programs occurring outside of the one-year subscription are not eligible. Certain other programs are also not covered by the Big Ticket.

If I purchase the Big Ticket, am I automatically registered for all programs scheduled during my subscription year?

No. You must still register for live webcasts or live, in-person programs and for on-demand programs. At checkout, however, Big Ticket subscribers will be given a zero ($0) registration fee.

What if I need to register for a CLE or purchase a book, and I don't have a login?
If you are a law student or non-SC Bar Member and need to register for a CLE program or purchase a publication, you can create an account. To create a new account click here and follow the instructions carefully. Once you have created your account it is advised that you close all browsers and start afresh at PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT create a new account if you are a current South Carolina Bar member or a past South Carolina Bar member returning to practice.