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Candidate Course of Study

The Course of Study on South Carolina Law is an 11-part video series designed to provide candidates for admission to the South Carolina Bar that gives an overview of how laws differ in South Carolina from regional, national or federal practice.  

It is  mandatory  that all candidates successfully complete all the courses before they can be sworn in to the SC Bar.  

There is no charge for the courses, no CLE credit given and all questions at the end of each video must be answered correctly for successful completion.  

How to view 

Each module is self-contained, and you may view them in any order you wish. You must successfully complete the entire series no later than the deadline provided to you in correspondence from the Office of Bar Admissions in order to be eligible for the next scheduled swearing-in ceremony. 

Test your knowledge 

At the conclusion of each module you will be prompted to provide answers to a three-question test on the material covered during the presentation. All questions are either multiple choice or true/false. These questions are randomly generated from a larger pool of questions so that each viewer will receive a distinct set of questions. 
In order to move on to the next module, you must answer all three questions correctly. You will have three opportunities to pass the test. If you do not answer the questions correctly after three attempts you will have to email to obtain another attempt to re-take a new test. IT IS ADVISABLE TO TAKE NOTES AND PAY ATTENTION.

What’s next?  

Upon successful completion of the entire Course of Study, you must notify the SC Bar by emailing no later than the deadline provided by the Office of Bar Admissions in order to be eligible for the next scheduled swearing-in date. The South Carolina Bar will report your successful completion of the entire series to the South Carolina Supreme Court Office of Bar Admissions
Please note that these videos are not intended to provide a comprehensive overview of each topic. Furthermore, while we have attempted to cover current law, remember that the law is subject to change. 

There are no written materials associated with this program. No Continuing Legal Education Credit will be awarded for viewing this program, either by Bar admission candidates or by SC Bar members. 

Access the Course of Study Bundle 

(There is no charge but you will have to put the course in your shopping cart and check out. Use your username and password provided by the Office of Bar Admissions.)  

A La Carte Courses

Still have questions?  Learn more in the  Course of Study FAQs.