South Carolina Civil Procedure, 4th Edition - Volumes I and II with 2020 Supplement



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South Carolina Civil Procedure, Fourth Edition
Professor James F. Flanagan, John S. Nichols, Dean Joel Samuels, and Professor Colin Miller 
The SC Bar CLE Division is proud to announce the publication of South Carolina Civil Procedure, Fourth Edition by Professor James F. Flanagan, John S. Nichols, Dean Joel Samuels, and Professor Colin Miller. This book has become the standard reference work on the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. Each chapter tracks the order of the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, with analysis, commentary, and case authority on each civil rule, as well as other important related topics such as service of process, personal and subject matter jurisdiction, the right to a jury, and post-trial motions. 
The book is being published in two volumes. Volume I covers Rules 1 to 37 which discuss service of process, pleadings, joinder and discovery.  Volume II discusses the remaining rules 38-86 including subpoenas, right to jury, summary judgment, trials and post-trial motions. The last four chapters cover personal and subject matter jurisdiction, venue and res judicata.
South Carolina Civil Procedure is logically organized, thorough, and comprehensive. The authors provide valuable guidance on our Rules of Civil Procedure through detailed and thoughtful analysis, pinpoint citations to authority, and an emphasis on practical application for the busy practitioner. Each purchase of South Carolina Civil Procedure comes with a downloadable version of the book for easy searching.

What Bar members are saying about this book:

For an in-depth review of South Carolina Civil Procedure, Fourth Ed. from Judge Daniel Coble, click here.

“These books live on the corner of my desk, and I open each volume several times a week.  Whether it’s a quick reference guide or the starting point for a more in-depth research project, these books are as comprehensive a discussion of the Rules of Civil Procedure as you can find.  I especially like the organization of each volume—having chapters mirror the rules allows me to read the rule, then go through the analysis for each is a significant time saver.” 

- Wilder Harte
Columbia, SC

"…When the need arises it's the go-to [civil] procedure source in South Carolina. I've been practicing law for 40 years and the Professor & Co. have always been great for me. Rate it 5 [out of 5]."

- Mitchell K. Byrd, Sr. 
Greenville, SC

"…I keep it within an arm's reach when sitting at my desk. I have access to the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure through WestLaw, Fastcase, and a separate copy of all South Carolina court rules on my computer, but when dealing with civil procedure issues my first choice is Flanagan. I highlight and add my annotations each time I use it… .

If you already have access to the cases and statutes, and own a recent copy of Black's Law Dictionary, then one should select South Carolina Civil Procedure as the next purchase." 

- Thomas F. McDow
Rock Hill, SC


South Carolina Civil Procedure Vol I & II from South Carolina Bar on Vimeo.


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