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Teleseminar FAQs

Alternatively Delivered Programming (ADM): what is it?

Alternatively Delivered Programming (i.e., live individual webcasts, individual On-Demand programs, and individual live and replay teleseminars) affords you the convenience to earn CLE credit from your office, your home or anywhere you have access to the internet or telephone. Alternatively Delivered Programming is defined by the South Carolina Supreme Court on CLE & Specialization as any programming that is delivered via telephone or internet to individual Bar Members (i.e., not those attending a program in a group setting at a remote satellite location such as Buck Mickel Center, Charleston School of Law, etc.)

What are the rules and limitations during non-COVID years?

View a complete listing on the set of rules for alternatively delivered programming.

Supreme Court Commission on CLE rules allow SC Bar members to use Alternatively Delivered programming (i.e., telephone or internet-based programming) to obtain up to 8.0 hours of MCLE each reporting period. These hours may come in any increment and may cover any type of credit required or allowed. Hours earned via Alternatively Delivered Programming may not be “banked” to the next reporting period.

What are the rules and limitations during the COVID pandemic?

View the complete set of rules that are outlined by the SC Supreme Court Commission on CLE & Specialization. As of June 16, 2020, Order 2020-000447, the Supreme Court has waived the requirement that lawyers and judges complete any in-person CLE hours for the 2020-2021 MCLE Compliance Year.  All 14 annually required MCLE credits may be completed through online or telephonic programs. By separate Order the Court also waived the in-person requirement for the Essentials Series programs.  Note: Neither Order waives the restriction on carrying forward online and telephone credit.

Chief Justice Donald Beatty sent this June 15 memo detailing further guidance regarding lawyer and judicial disciplinary matters during the COVID-19 pandemic. This amended guidance will remain in effect until modified or rescinded by order of the Chief Justice. Read the full order.

Live and replay teleseminars: what are they?

Telephone based programs conveniently offered generally during the lunch hour. Teleseminars are your "Hotline" to the latest legal updates connecting you with leading practitioners from across the country. Electronic materials are delivered via email. Programs include real-time Q&A with the faculty. Running time is generally one hour and can be last as long as 90 minutes. All details regarding time, credits, costs etc., are contained once you click on the program name. Participate by landline or mobile phone. You must provide an email address to receive the call-in number, full instructions and electronic materials. Teleseminars are hosted by WebCredenza and must be purchased by creating then logging into your WebCredenza account. You cannot access using your Bar Member login or AIS credentials.